Archived Recordings

A 7 day continuation of Yang Sheng Gong, open to all levels. 

Through specific breathing and Dao Yin methods, the practitioner is enabled to reach harmony of one’s own energetic field with the universe’s force field. Following set routines for an extended period of time the student will achieve increased internal strength, resistance to external attacks and effective self-defense, as well as tonify internal health and balance.

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When you purchase the archive of a class, you will receive a PDF on how to get started, and access to a private page with all of the class video links.  The archives include:


  • A required initial 20 minute private consultation with Instructor Lindsey Wei via live zoom meeting.  In this brief meeting you will have a chance to introduce yourself, how you found the course or heard of Wudang White Horse, and what your goals and aspirations are. This meeting will greatly increase your productivity, outline your intent, and connect you to the lineage in a deeper and interactive way.  

  • Recordings for every day of the class, typically 7-9 recordings of 1-2 hours in length.  We recommend doing 1 recording per day, and in the initial meet up we will outline what is realistic for you to achieve in your personal schedule.  

  • After you have finished all of the class recordings, you will schedule a required follow up 40 minute private meeting with Lindsey in which she will observe your movements and progress giving valuable tips and feedback to you as an individual wherever you may be at in your learning process.  This is also the time to ask questions that have come up.* 

  • Recordings will be available to you for an unlimited amount of time!  You can always return to them for training purposes.

* Consultations not required for or included with Kung Fu Conditioning or Yang Sheng Gong.


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