The support of a group, a schedule, and guidance can often be what it takes to create a regular seated meditation practice.  That's what this 4 weeks of seated meditation is meant to provide.  We will meet for 1 hour every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5pm Pacific Time, for jing zuo, Daoist seated meditation.  In the archive format of this class we encourage you to choose a similar time and schedule, watching one video as if it were a live class that progresses over the course of 4 weeks, while doing solo meditation on the off days with no video accompaniment.


Meditation has multitudes of health and well being benefits and could be considered the most essential component of Daoist practice.  In the space of stillness and inward awareness, a vast and infinite realm of potential is accessible.  Seated meditation is also invaluable to our everyday modern life, providing the body deep recuperation from the stresses of daily existence, time for our internal systems to restore and heal through their innate function.  Studies have shown that consistent meditation increases the corpus callosum, releases healthy hormones such as dopamine and endorphins, contributes to emotional balance, and mental focus, reduces stress, aids in sleep, among countless other benefits.   


Each class recording will begin with a brief instruction on method and philosophy and sometimes discussions, followed by 30-50 minutes of seated meditation and simple closing exercises.   


This course includes 12 recordings of 1 hour in length, plus 2 audio tracks to use for music healing during meditation.  


Seated Meditation Archives