Prerequisites:  To qualify to take this class in archive format, you must be a current student of Wudang White Horse and have attended in person classes or been present “live” and “sharing video”  in recent online classes.  If you do not meet these requirements but still wish to take this course, you must first contact us to schedule an online private session before registering.  

The price of this course includes a 30 minute follow up session in which you will demonstrate recitation of the mantras you have learned in the class.


Mantra and Scripture recitation was used by Daoists to alter the biochemistry, calm the mind and spirit, assist in the alchemical process, cleanse karmic afflictions, and heal disease or pain.  

This class is focused on the memorization and recitation of the Eight Great Spirit Mantras (Ba Da Shen Zhou).  There is discussion of Daoist philosophy and the meanings of the text, as well as a journey into how memory is stored and recalled.   


This class is part instruction, part study hall, meaning part of the time is explanations/discussions/learning, and the other part of the time is self study, sitting at a desk with pen and paper, memorizing mantras.  We often accompany our study sessions with Pu-er Tea Ceremony for deep hydration and cleansing.  Bring your tea set if you have one!   


This archive consists of 8 class recording each of 1.5hrs in length, for a total of 12 hours of instruction, as well as 2 audio tracks for help with memorization and pronunciation, and a link to a printout of the Eight Great Spirit Mantras.  As well as a 30 minute private session to schedule upon completion of the course.   

Scripture Studies Archives