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Power of Yin

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This online workshop is a starting point for introducing female instructors of internal arts. It is a sign post for connection not only between female practitioners, but also between styles and lineages, bringing together different approaches and perspectives. We have carefully chosen the date right before the winter solstice ( 21st Dec ), so that the teachings of this event may bring you tools for nourishment and strength, when entering into the deep yin part of the year. With registering to this event you not only support a woman, a mother, a female practitioner. You also encourage further growing of this ancient art and help wisdom to become a stronger voice within the world.

2022 Immersion camps

Take the time to go deep into the practice of Wudang Internal martial arts and self healing.  This is an immersive 14 day training program designed to teach martial discipline and daoist philosophy as a way of life.  Wake up, train, eat, study, train, meditate, sleep. 


In this program we cover a large amount of the Wudang curriculum in a full time immersive training format.  We are excited to run these two courses at Cedar Bloom Farm.


Tai Ji

  May 1-15, 2022  

Cedar Bloom Farm

Cave Junction, Oregon

These are 14 day camps of full time training in Wudang Gong Fu.  We train 6-8 hours per day.  Each camp will learn morning qi gong routines, kung fu basics, evening seated meditation methods and Daoist principles of life cultivation. 


The May and August programs will have a different focus of style for the main classes in mid morning and afternoon.  

Camps are by application and limited to 15 participants.     

Ba Gua

  August 12-26, 2022  

Cedar Bloom Farm

Cave Junction, Oregon


Many blessings to you and gratitude from us if you would like to make a donation to Wudang White Horse and our pursuits of sharing knowledge in Asian Culture, Martial Arts, Daoist Philosophies, Earth Skills, Wudang Gong Fu and Healing.  Donations go directly into improving the School, allowing scholarships to those who have less resources, purchasing raw land and infrastructure for in person programs.  Thank you!

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