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*advanced course with prerequisite*

This is a very special set of standing meditation postures that can also be used for seated meditation.  We call this set of eight postures Healing Qi Gong as it contains foundational techniques for hands on healing.  Although we can, we do not necessarily use the techniques to heal others.  It can rather be concealed and used to build the magnetic field of the practitioner.  These postures are not taught to new students, therefore to register for this course you must have taken the Wudang Qi Gong Fundamentals online course or the Seated Meditation Commitment Series. 

If you have attended a residential program at WWH in the past or taken a significant amount of classes at WWH before, contact us to see if you can take this course.  You can also qualify for this course if you purchase and complete the archive class of Wudang Qi Gong Fundamentals and have taken a live or in person course at WWH previously or schedule your first private session prior to Dec 7.                 

Monday - Friday
December 7-11
9-10 a.m. PST


Review Week

This is a week of drop-in review classes open to returning students who have either taken the in person class, the online class or learned the content via archive recording.  For these 1 hour review sessions you can expect:

  • a guided run through of the content

  • dynamic feedback for individuals and the group

  • time to ask questions and clarify any areas you may be stuck on

  • inspiration and connection

November 2-6

9am-10am PST


Monday : Yang Sheng Gong

Tuesday : Da Gong

Wednesday : Tai Chi

Thursday : Ba Gua

Friday : Sword 

$15 per class

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