Wei Cheng Ling, 魏诚灵, 24th generation Chun Yang Sect of Wudang Daoism, (Shi Ling, 魏世灵 31st generation Long Men Dragon Gate).  Cheng Ling (Lindsey Wei) trained in the Wudang Mountains under her master Li Song Feng for 9 years.

Lindsey’s Wu Shu training began in 2004 at Beijing’s Capitol Sports University for 2 years.  She had a brief but influential 2 month training experience in Deng Feng Shao Lin, near the ShaoLin Temple.  In 2006 she entered the study of internal Wudang and trained full time in China for the next 6 years.  By 2007 she was also immersed in the culture and theory of Daoism, living in a remote Daoist temple with her Master.  In 2008 she began organizing groups of students to train for 1-4 months at a time with her Master Li Song Feng in Wudang and has been taking trips annually ever since.  She is one of the senior instructors and translators there.