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Yang Sheng Gong Review

Prerequisite: YSG parts 1 & 2​*

These review classes will serve as a way for students to maintain consistency in their practice and refine their movements.  Wednesdays will be a complete review of all three sections.  Saturdays there will be structured time for questions and individual examinations of postures.


June 17, 24, and July 1

9-10 a.m. PST



June 20, 27, and July 4

9-10 a.m. PST

1 class: $15

3 classes: $30

6 classes: $50

*If you missed these classes you can purchase the recorded classes 

Kung Fu Conditioning

June 17 - July 5

every other evening

5-6 p.m. PST

sliding scale $50-100

This class will be for strength conditioning, flexibility, and creating a foundation in Kung Fu.  Expect stretching, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, jumping, jogging, stances, striking, kicking, and body conditioning. 


The unique training methods of traditional Kung Fu bring the body into complete fitness from the muscles, to the tendons/ligaments, to the bones.  Although the methods appear to be for external training, the internal aspects of qi and blood conditioning are inseparable and present. 

Appropriate for ages 13-50 (some exceptions can be made).

Online Ba Gua Camp

In this "camp" we will explore a very old and rare style of Ba Gua known as Chun Yang Ba Bu, also known as Long Xin Zhang, Dragon Heart Palm.  This style is currently only taught in its entirety at the Five Immortals Temple in China via a lineage which stretches back one thousand years to Tang Dynasty Lu Dong Bin.

“The Eight Step Heavenly Big Dipper Palm is ancient and unadorned, refined and rare,transcending the mundane, and casting off the conventional.”

In this course on the complex art of Ba Gua, we will cover basic circle walking stepping methods, the sacred patterns, Daoist theory, and begin to learn the 8 steps of Chun Yang Sect’s Ba Bu Long Xin Zhang form.  This is not only a martial art but also a ceremony and healing practice. 

To read more about Ba Gua from the Five Immortals Temple website click here.

Monday - Sunday

July 6-12

9 - 11 a.m. PST


Da Gong

Big Dipper Body Protection

A 7 day continuation of Yang Sheng Gong, open to all levels. 

Through specific breathing and Dao Yin methods, the practitioner is enabled to reach harmony of one’s own energetic field with the universe’s force field. Following set routines for an extended period of time the student will achieve increased internal strength, resistance to external attacks and effective self-defense, as well as tonify internal health and balance.


July 20-26

9-10 a.m. PST

sliding scale $50-100

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online Sword Camp

Seven Star Sword 49 Postures is a double edged straight sword form from Wudang Mountain Chun Yang Sect.  It is characterized by ba gua stepping, fluid and circular movements, like the spirit of the dragon.  It is as much a ceremonial practice, enriched with prayer and empowerment, as it is a container for developing traditional martial weapons skills.  In this online class we will learn the 49 postures of this form, its Daoist ceremonial elements, as well as some practical applications of how to wield a sword in combat. 


August 1 - 9

9-11 a.m. PST


All ages and skill levels welcome.

Must have a double edge straight sword or "jian" with a blade of 28"-30" depending on height.


Please contact us ahead of time if you need help ordering one.  

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