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intermediate Seven star sword

This is an intermediate level course to improve and continue training in Chinese Jian, double edge straight sword.  Wudang Seven Star Sword Form is a prerequisite, if you haven’t taken this course yet, you can register for it here.


For this 4 day class we will review all cuts, thrusts, and parrys, strengthen our arms, shoulders, wrist and grip, work moving and circular drills, stepping patterns, as well as go through training variations of the form to produce smooth, fluid, dynamic quality and speed.  Participants are welcome to use a live blade if they wish to work at this level.  We will also be working with lighter wood or metal training blades or ceremonial blades to address fluidity and the internal meditative level of sword form. 

May 11-14
9-10:30 a.m. PDT


summer immersion program

Take the time to go deep into the practice of Wudang Internal martial arts and self healing.  This is an immersion training program designed to teach martial discipline and daoist philosophy as a way of life.  Wake up, train, eat, study, train, meditate, sleep. 

This is our "Apprenticeship" program that we have been running for the past 5 years. In this program we cover a large amount of the Wudang curriculum in a full time immersive training format.  We are excited to re-open small group in person classes on our new training grounds in National Forest. 

Summer 2021 dates:

Session 1:  JUNE 16 - JULY 7, 2021  

Session 2:  AUGUST 11 - SEPTEMBER 1, 2021  


Klamath County, Oregon


Many blessings to you and gratitude from us if you would like to make a donation to Wudang White Horse and our pursuits of sharing knowledge in Asian Culture, Martial Arts, Daoist Philosophies, Earth Skills, Wudang Gong Fu and Healing.  Donations go directly into improving the School, allowing scholarships to those who have less resources, purchasing raw land and infrastructure for in person programs.  Thank you!

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