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Review Week

This is a week of drop-in review classes open to returning students who have either taken the in person class, the online class or learned the content via archive recording.  For these 1 hour review sessions you can expect:

  • a guided run through of the content

  • dynamic feedback for individuals and the group

  • time to ask questions and clarify any areas you may be stuck on

  • inspiration and connection

November 2-6

9am-10am PST


Monday : Yang Sheng Gong

Tuesday : Da Gong

Wednesday : Tai Chi

Thursday : Ba Gua

Friday : Sword 

$15 per class

Wudang Qi Gong Fundamentals

Monday Oct 19-

Friday Oct 23

every morning

9-10 a.m.


This is a 5 day course focused on Qi Gong Fundamentals.  Alignment.  Breathing.  Stillness. 


Most of this class will be spent in various standing meditation postures observing and relaxing into the physiological responses to correct alignment, correct breathing, and time spent in stillness.  We will learn the following standing meditation postures from Wudang Shan:  Pair of Dragons holds the Column,  Dragon Qi Returns to Source, Three Stars Illuminate Inside, Five Elements Return to Center, Yin Yang Unify. 


This class will be the prerequisite to the next and more advanced Qi Gong class offered which will be Qi Gong Healing. 

Scripture Studies

By request, we will begin study sessions on Daoist Scriptures.  This will mostly involve memorization and recitation of mantras.  We will also build a very basic foundation in Chinese Mandarin pronunciation, reading, and writing.  There will be discussion of Daoist philosophy and meaning of text. 


Mantra and Scripture recitation was used by Daoists to alter the biochemistry, calm the mind and spirit, assist in the alchemical process, cleanse karmic afflictions, and heal disease or pain.  


This class is part instruction, part study hall, meaning part of the time will be explanations/discussions/learning, and the other part of the time will be self study, sitting at a desk with pen and paper, memorizing mantras.  We often accompany our study sessions with Pu-er Tea Ceremony (which will be introduced in the first class).  Bring your tea set if you have one! 

This class will meet

every Monday and Tuesday

for 4 weeks 


Oct 19-Nov 10

12-1:30 p.m. PST


Seated meditation commitment series

The support of a group, a schedule, and guidance can often be what it takes to create a regular seated meditation practice.  That's what this 4 weeks of seated meditation is meant to provide.  We will meet for 1 hour every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5pm Pacific Time, for jing zuo, Daoist seated meditation. 


Meditation has multitudes of health and well being benefits and could be considered the most essential component of Daoist practice.  In the space of stillness and inward awareness, a vast and infinite realm of potential is accessible.  Seated meditation is also invaluable to our everyday modern life, providing the body deep recuperation from the stresses of daily existence, time for our internal systems to restore and heal through their innate function.  Studies have shown that consistent meditation increases the corpus callosum, releases healthy hormones such as dopamine and endorphins, contributes to emotional balance, and mental focus, reduces stress, aids in sleep, among countless other benefits.   

Each class will meet via zoom with a brief instruction on method and philosophy, followed by 30-50 minutes of seated meditation and simple closing exercises. 

Jing Zuo 4 Week Commitment 

October 26-November 19

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

5-6 p.m. PST


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