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spring courses:
intermediate Seven star sword

This is an intermediate level course to improve and continue training in Chinese Jian, double edge straight sword.  Wudang Seven Star Sword Form is a prerequisite, if you haven’t taken this course yet, you can register for it here.


For this 4 day class we will review all cuts, thrusts, and parrys, strengthen our arms, shoulders, wrist and grip, work moving and circular drills, stepping patterns, as well as go through training variations of the form to produce smooth, fluid, dynamic quality and speed.  Participants are welcome to use a live blade if they wish to work at this level.  We will also be working with lighter wood or metal training blades or ceremonial blades to address fluidity and the internal meditative level of sword form. 

May 11-14
9-10:30 a.m. PDT


Guest Classes with Catharina Costanzo 

This spring brings new collaborations with my kung fu sister!  Our friendship goes back to as early as 2005 when we trained together in the Wudang Mountains.  We collaborated on the "Alive Camp" Animal Movements and Survival Seminar in California, 2019.  It was a huge success and we are continuing to expand upon the concepts we created in that event.  Catharina is a Movement Artist, Yoga Instructor, and Wudang Arts Instructor for over 13 years, based out of Austria.  She is well versed in the Wudang Styles of Xuan Wu Pai, Wudang Pai, San Feng Pai, and Chun Yang Pai.  You can find out more about her and see her movement videos on her Instagram Account. 

Dynamic Animals Qi Gong Series with Catharina Costanzo

This is a Five Week Series in which each 1.5 hour class will be held on Tuesday 9am-10:30am PST and focus on one animal per class.  Catharina Costanzo will be guest instructing again, offering her take on the Five Animals.  Her approach originates from Xuan Wu Pai and WDP lineages.  This is a great way to continue expanding upon the Five Animals Set, adding dynamism, training time, and deep investigation of the animals, elements and self.  This series is also open to those who have never learned the movements before.  You can sign up for single days, or the entire series.  

Every Tuesday for 5 weeks

9am-10:30am PDT


$100 for the whole series OR $25 per class 

Dragon, Wood: Tuesday, March 23rd

Crane, Fire : Tuesday, March 30th

Tiger, Earth: Tuesday, April 6th

Metal, Snake: Tuesday, April 13th

Water, Turtle: Tuesday, April 20th 

Guest Classes with Miriam Grace


Miriam and Lindsey met at the Tracker School on occupied Lenni-Lenape territory (the Pine Barrens of New Jersey) where they were first introduced to wilderness survival skills from Tom Brown, Jr. 


Miriam Grace (she/her) has been studying and sharing wilderness survival and earth living skills for over ten years. Her work strives to merge sustainability, craft, and resilience through ancestral arts and a deepening connection to the natural world.  Miriam received extensive education at the Tracker School, and has since studied traditional crafts and earth skills with many mentors. She was an instructor at 4 Elements Earth Education, teaching family and children programs, and has been on staff at the Spirit Weavers Gathering for the last seven years. She has led workshops and run programs on her own and in collaboration with other schools, events, and skills gatherings for people of all ages across the US and in Europe.


Lindsey Wei (she/her) began studying survival skills around the same time she started training martial arts and the two paths have been like twin flames in her life ever since.  She has been an active student of the Tracker School since age 18, has volunteered at countless courses and also served a 6 month internship there.  She was a year long apprentice to Frank and Karen Sherwood at Earthwalk Northwest in their Ancestral Skills program.  She has helped teach kids’ wilderness camps and day programs at various schools, has built and lived in semi-permanent primitive shelters for months at time, enjoys camping in all seasons and landscapes, and has a passion for stalking and movement, and the way of the scout.     

Building resilience:
introduction to wilderness survival skills
co-instructed by Lindsey wei and Miriam grace

In a society that grows increasingly disconnected from the natural world, it is empowering and healing to remember ways of living intimately with the Earth.  Wilderness survival skills are a doorway to deepen our connection with the land and our own personal freedom. The fundamentals of shelter, fire, water, and food are the four elements of survival and the first steps in understanding how to prepare for disasters and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. In this lecture style class, we will introduce the most basic aspects of self-reliance in the wilderness.  As we incorporate these tools into our daily lives, we can move towards a more holistic and harmonious way of being.  


For returning students of Daoism and Martial Arts, we hope you will find that self-reliance outside of the conveniences of society and living with the earth is absolutely part of the nature oriented philosophies of the Dao, essential to the path of the hermit or renunciant, and integral to the martial artist as a protector of self or others.  Through this class we hope to shed light on how and why it is so important to have some of these basic survival skills in our field of awareness.

Thursday, April 15

6-8 p.m. PDT


Calm Alert: Emergency Preparedness and Go Bags
co-instructed by Lindsey wei and Miriam grace

In the face of societal unrest and climate collapse, we want to feel secure sheltering in place and be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Widespread fires, power outages, storms, and other disasters are showing us the necessity to prepare for and find safety in unforeseen circumstances.

This is a class to introduce and develop a consistent mental awareness of one's surroundings, as a way of improving life, but also to be better prepared for potential emergency situations and how to respond to such events.  We will cover various lists of materials that one might want to have on hand at any given time in case of a natural disaster, in the form of go bags and supplies to keep in the home or vehicle.  We will also discuss practical habits to build that make us feel more prepared for any unexpected situation, all while enjoying life to its fullest and remaining peaceful when possible.  

Thursday, April 22

6-8 p.m. PDT



Many blessings to you and gratitude from us if you would like to make a donation to Wudang White Horse and our pursuits of sharing knowledge in Asian Culture, Martial Arts, Daoist Philosophies, Earth Skills, Wudang Gong Fu and Healing.  Donations go directly into improving the School, allowing scholarships to those who have less resources, purchasing raw land and infrastructure for in person programs.  Thank you!

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